This project is no longer maintained and no further public releases are planned.

No further support will be given.

Feel free to fork the git repository.


You can enter as many Finishers as you like. Each entry requires a class name of the Finisher. Optionally you can enter a specific configuration for the Finisher in the config section.

Version added


TypoScript path

plugin.Tx_Formhandler.settings.finishers copy to clipboard

Example code

finishers.1 {
  class = Tx_Formhandler_Finisher_Mail
  config {
    admin {
      to_email = admin@domain.tld
      to_name = Some Guy
      subject = Request
      sender_email =
      replyto_email = email
      replyto_name = name
    user {
      to_email = email
      to_name = name
      subject = ###LLL:user_subject###
      sender_email =
      sender_name = My Site
      replyto_email =
finishers.2 {
  class = Tx_Formhandler_Finisher_Default
  config {


Clear the page cache. If no further configuration is given, the current page's cache will be cleared.


Generates a unique token for a database entry.This can be users for FE user registration or newsletter registration.


Redirects to specified page after successful form submission.


Moves uploaded files from the temporary folder to a new one and renames them if so configured.


This Finisher displays the content of the subpart ###TEMPLATE_SUBMITTEDOK### after the form was finished. Add this Finisher as the last one to show text to the user without redirection to another page...


Saves submitted values into a specified DB table. The data saved to DB is accessible through template markers, e.g.: ###value_saveDB|tablename|field### or ###value_saveDB|fe_users|username###. If data...


Extends Finisher_DB to automatically generate the database fields for the fields in your form when a backend user is logged in and .autoCreate is enabled. To do this it scans your template code for fo...


Saves the submitted values into a specified DB table using a database other than the TYPO3 database. This component requires the extension adodb to be installed.


Sends emails to specified addresses using following subparts in the HTML template: TEMPLATE_EMAIL_USER_PLAIN TEMPLATE_EMAIL_USER_HTML TEMPLATE_EMAIL_ADMIN_PLAIN TEMPLATE_EMAIL_ADMIN_HTML


Switch back to the current language in FE after the language is set by Finisher_SetLanguage.


Switch to another language. This can be used to send emails using the same language every time instead of the current language in FE.


This Finisher stores the GET/POST values in the Formhandler session for further use in other plugins to not lose changes in GET/POST values made by other Finishers (e.g. insert_id from Finisher_DB). T...